Posted on: 2021-04-12


Assalaam Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Brakatuhu.

RAMADAN ANNOUNCEMENT Inshaa Allah, based on the Global Moonsighting

We will (lnsha Allah) be starting Ramadan Tuesday April 13th , 2021 .

In accordance with the Hadeeth of the Messenger of Allaah (Sal-Allaahu ˜alayhi wa sallam):

«Fast when you see the crescent. If it is obscured to you, then complete thirty days of Shaâbaan. And break your fast when you see the crescent. If it is obscured to you then fast thirty days», [Bukhaaree and Muslim].

Subsequently, we shall be starting our Taraweeh prayers tomorrow night (Monday April 12, 2021) at 09.40pm.

To ensure the safety of all attendees, and so that we are in compliance with the Provincial Lockdown requirements, ALL ATTENDEES FOR TARAWEEH PRAYERS MUST BE PRE REGISTERED

The registration link for the Taraweeh prayers will be sent out tomorrow by 6pm Insha Allah.

May Allah (SWT) ease our hardships, and may He accept our fasting and good deeds.

On behalf of everyone at Al Rayan Islamic Centre, we wish you and your family a peaceful, prosperous, and joyous Ramadan!


Click Here to Download Ramadan Calendar 1442


Iqama Courtice
 Fajr   04:46 am  05:45 AM
 Zuhr  01:14 pm  01:45 PM
 Asr  05:06 pm  06:15 PM
 Magrib  08:12 pm  Sunset
 Isha  09:42 pm  09:50 PM
 Juma  01:40 pm  02:00 PM
 Juma 2  03:00 pm   1:30 pm