Taraweeh and Khatmul Quran Ramadan 1439

Posted on: 2018-05-15

Assalamu alaikom brothers and sisters

Inshallah we will have Tarweeh this year 2018 at both Location North Oshawa Musslah and Courtice Masjid

- Brothers and sisters are weclomed to join us at any Location

- Prayer will be total of 20 Rak'as at our North Oshawa Mussallah and  8 Rak'as at courtice Masjid   

- Isha and Taraweeh will start 10:30 pm First 15 Days of Ramdan then 10:40 second 15 days of the Month

- There will be short reminders after the first 4 Rka'as in the weekends and some of the week days at courtice Masjid.

- There will be summary for every Juzz (Para ) of Quran after Asr at Norht Oshawa Mussallah every day excpet monday

- Khatm Night (completion of Quran) will be on the night 25th, 27th, or 29th of the month Inshallah.

Jazakum Allahu Khayran


Iqama Courtice
 Fajr   04:46 am  05:45 AM
 Zuhr  01:14 pm  01:45 PM
 Asr  05:06 pm  06:15 PM
 Magrib  08:12 pm  Sunset
 Isha  09:42 pm  09:50 PM
 Juma  01:40 pm  02:00 PM
 Juma 2  03:00 pm   1:30 pm