Announcement of Eid Al Fitr

Posted on: 2023-04-21

Eid Salat Friday April 21st, 2023

Assalaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters:

Eid will be tommorow. Insha Allah, we will be having 3 Eid Salats at the Masjid. The timings are as follow:

1st Eid Salat 7:00am
2nd Eid Salat 8:30 am
3rd Eid Salat 10:00 am

We would like to sincerely thank all of the community members who helped us with donations and pledges over this past month.

We would also like to thank all of the volunteers and community members who assisted us this month.

May Allah (SWT) accept your good deeds and multiply your rewards.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow,

We hope that everyone has a blesssed and memorable Eid


Jazak Allah Khair,


Iqama Courtice
 Fajr   03:59 am  05:00 AM
 Zuhr  01:21 pm  01:45 PM
 Asr  05:26 pm  07:00 PM
 Magrib  08:57 pm  Sunset
 Isha  10:26 pm  10:45 PM
 Juma  01:40 pm  02:00 PM
 Juma 2  03:00 pm   1:30 pm